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This class is for students who master basic vocabulary and grammar.


The classes will be online classes using Zoom.
This is a precaution taken by the Alliance francaise to protect the students and the teachers. 
Face-to-face classes will resume when the risks associated with the coronavirus will have disappeared.
Stay safe! And learn some French! 🙂 
Prenez bien soin de vous! 


  • Vocabulary: housing, health, trips and vacation
  • Ask about your health, getting information about trips, timetables
  • Find your way

Program summed up

You will especially learn how to communicate about your daily activities, going out or transportation. You will practice using a variety of verbs in the present and in the imperative tenses. A special focus will be placed on accent and the rhythm of the French language.

You will work with the textbook Interaction 2, units 8-12. (Not included in the tuitions for the class. Cost $30)



Mondays 6-7.30 pm

April 11 – June 16


Members: $210

Non members: $260

$210 - $260

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