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If you are true beginners and never learned French before,  this class is for you.
The classes will be in person


  • Greetings
  • Basic rules of spelling and pronunciation
  • Talk about yourself (nationalities, profession)
  • Alphabet, numbers, everyday activities
  • Talk about things you like, dislike and wish
  • Vocabulary of everyday life
  • Grammar: simple sentence structures, conjugation (etre, avoir, verbs ending in er like aimer), adjectives in the feminine and masculine, expressions of quantity

Program summed up

This class is a slow-paced introduction to the French language especially the alphabet and pronunciation, numbers, exchange of basic information and simple expressions used in daily situations. This is a  classic method-based approach, using a textbook.



Tuesdays 6-8 pm

Members : $280

Non member : $330

$280 - $330

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