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This class is for beginners who already had some French in the past or who took the Basic French class. If you never had any French before, please contact the Academic Director (academic_director@aftally.org)


The classes starting will be online classes using Zoom.
This is a precaution taken by the Alliance francaise to protect the students and the teachers. 
Face-to-face classes will resume when the risks associated with the coronavirus will have disappeared.
Stay safe! And learn some French! 🙂 
Prenez bien soin de vous! 


  • Greetings
  • Basic rules of spelling and pronunciation
  • Talk about yourself (nationalities, profession)
  • Alphabet, numbers, everyday activities
  • Talk about things you like, dislike and wish
  • Vocabulary of everyday life
  • Grammar: simple sentence structures, conjugation (etre, avoir, verbs ending in er like aimer), adjectives in the feminine and masculine, expressions of quantity

Program summed up

You will learn basic French so that you will be able to communicate and understand everyday information. You will be able to introduce yourself and talk about yourself and ask simple questions.

You will work with the textbook Interaction 1, chapters 1 to 4 (Not included in the tuition for the class. Cost $30)



Mondays 6-7.30 pm

September 13 – November 15

Members : $210

Non member : $240

$210 - $240

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